Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Afternoon Bath

What does it say about the kind of day I had yesterday, when I gave all three kids a bath in the middle of the day?

A very long, and tiring morning!

And then we put our Jammie's on! I made sure that we were ready for bed as soon as dinner was over, that there would be no delays!

They just thought if was a treat to get to have bath time at lunch time instead of dinner. By 4p.m. Mason just couldn't hang anymore, and after a hour and 1/2 of crying fell asleep.

Now you understand what kind of day I had!

Note: He slept from 4p.m.-7:30p.m., went to bed around 9p.m.(normal bedtime is 8p.m.) and woke up the next morning around 7a.m.! I guess he had a rough day too!

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Nicoolmama said...


Sorry you had a rough day, mama. Glad your little dude got lots of sleep- sometimes that's *just* what they need, huh?!

And I SO agree with your comment on my post... our other two boys(now 6 and almost 5) were HO.RRI.BLE. in their 3's and perfect in their 2's. I am hoping(fingers crossed) that Will is getting it over now and will be much calmer in his 3's, God help me. :)


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