Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Things have been very stressful lately, which from my posts I am sure you could tell. The kids are all sick. Mason and Taylor have cold symptoms......cough, runny nose, congestion. Monday afternoon Timothy started running a fever, nothing super high but high enough for me to panic. Both Mason and Timothy have had Febrile Seizures so every time they get fevers I panic. Of course the only medicine we had in the house was recalled Tylenol. Thankfully my dad and Judee ran out and got some Motrin.

It seemed to be working and would bring the fever down fairly quickly. Then Tuesday morning around 2:30 Timothy woke up burning up, so I had to give him some more Motrin and then he slept in the living room with us. He seemed to be doing better Tuesday but the fever would keep coming back and I would have to keep giving him Motrin only now he fever was starting to come back before I could give him more medicine. And now Taylor woke up with a swollen, gunky eye and not being able to even open her eyes. She looked miserable.

Luckily Taylor already had a 3 month check up scheduled for that afternoon, and I had my mom call the doctor to see if I could have all three kids checked out to make sure no one had ear infections or anything worse than a cold. Of course this caused major problems. Tim had taken off work because we were up late with Timothy and he didn't get much sleep, but refused to help me take them all to the doctor. I really did not feel like dragging all three out in the 100 degree temps to the doctor all by myself if I didn't have to. But according to him the boys were not sick enough to go to the doctor. He knew Timothy was, but just could not be inconvenienced to get off his ass and away from the computer to help me. I mean hello they are your kids too and they are sick!

So long story short we ended up not going to the doctor. Taylor's eyes cleared up, still not sure what was up. Mason still has a slight cold, and Timothy is still running a fever on and off. So I decided to take this opportunity to schedule an appointment with the new doctor. I was able to get Taylor an appointment for July 7th they said they would combine her 2 months and 4 month appointment together. Timothy will be going in today at 1 just to make sure all is OK. Since he is now saying his head hurts.

I guess this is what happens when you spend 4 straight days outside in the heat swimming. I know that they are all fine, and that It is just from the heat or a summer cold. But I can't help but yet again be furious at Tim for not helping me out. Once again not putting his kids first, not caring.

I will update later after the appointment.

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