Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The terrible 2's HA!

Who ever coined the term "terrible 2's" must not really have kids, because if they did they would know 3 is so much worse!

Timothy started hitting a rough spot right before he turned two. It was like he went to bed my sweet angeland woke up a little monster!

Holy meltdowns batman! Even though he threw tantrums at the drop of a hat, in public, I would go back to those days if it meant I could skip the 3's! This stage/age is so very exhausting, and nerve wracking. My patience are really being tested now.

Although the tantrums have dropped, he has this personality now. He is so very strong willed and stubborn. I wonder who he gets that from?! He talks back, and can be very mean to his brother. Then out of nowhere he can be the sweetest little thing ever! I guess this is what it is like to live with a pregnant woman.

I am so sorry Tim!

I love to see him learning new things, and really develop into himself. But I have to tell you that some day's I am at my wits end before lunch! So warning, whoever tells you watch out for the "terrible 2's", they've got nothing on 3!

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