Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Doctors and Decisions

One of the many big decisions you have to make when you have a baby is finding a pediatrician. This is so important because you have to find a doctor that you trust to care for your child, a doctor that you trust to help make important decisions about your child's health. That is why I was SO glad that when Timothy was born that I did not have to think about that decision. We just knew he would go to the same doctor that Tim had as a child.

Dr. Sherman was AMAZING!! He was great with kids, always knew how to make them feel safe and always made them laugh! He always gave the boys toys, candy, snacks, and drinks when we were there. He would even play ball with Timothy in the hallway while also looking over Mason. He was the BEST! He truly cared about your child and always spent more time than the normal doctor does with you and your child. I could not say enough good things about Dr. Sherman! That's why when we got the letter that he was shutting down his practice we were devastated. I knew I would never find another doctor like him. We had developed a good doctor/parent/patient relationship with him, and just like we would never get to go back to him.

At that time I was pregnant with Taylor so I knew I would have to find a new doctor before she was born. Of course though I procrastinated, partly because I was just bummed about picking a new doctor, and partly because I was just being lazy. Taylor was born without a doctor. We used the in home pediatrician while she was in the hospital, but had to have a doctor picked and an appointment set before we could leave the hospital. So I took some recommendations from friends and picked a new female doctor. Tim insisted we switch to a female doctor.

She is very nice and welcoming, but is just not the same. I feel she is very knowledgeable, but just does not take the extra time to sit and explain what is going on. She comes in does what she has to do and then is out. I mean I understand that we are not the only patients that she has, but sometimes there are questions I have or would like things explained a little better. Granted I also don't speak up like I should. We miss Dr. Sherman! This sucks.

Taylor had a 2 month checkup scheduled that I had to cancel, and the soonest they could get us in for was a month later, today, when she is no longer 2 months old but 3 months. Then today I had to reschedule and already rescheduled appointment because of Tim. I did not want to reschedule again because I was afraid it would take another month to get us in. Tim still has not turned in the paperwork for Taylor to be added to his insurance and he did not want to leave me the car to get gas! ARGHHHHH!!! So I made the call. Luckily they were pretty booked but she was able to squeeze us in for next Tuesday. Fingers crossed we will be able to make that appointment.

I just do not want to fall behind with her appointments and shots, I did that with the boys. So now I have to keep on Tim to get her added to insurance. And I may be looking for a new doctor. I don't know, this is all so stressful! I am just glad that Taylor is happy and healthy right now!

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