Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

I know I am a little late with my post. I have sat all day thinking about how I am going to write this post. I don't want to keep complaining or sound like all I do is complain.

My dad is great! Even though my parents have been divorced since I was little, he has always been a big part of my life. I cherish my memories with him on the weekends as a child. We always went and did things, mostly shopping! He has always been there for me. I could not pick a better dad. He is also a wonderful Grandpa to the kids! They adore him and I know he loves them to pieces! We are over there all the time, especially lately to swim! I LOVE seeing the boys playing with their Pa Pa!

Thanks for all you do dad/Pa Pa, we ALL love you!

This is the hard part. While Tim does so much for our family by working and supporting us so that I can stay home with the kids, which I am truly grateful for, he is not the most active father. I have no doubt in my mind and heart that he loves his children, no doubt at all. I just wish he would take a bigger role in their lives. Sure he is always here, but not really here. He usually spends his evenings on the computer or yelling at them. He used to give them their baths, after lots of bitching, but he doesn't really do that anymore. He sometimes puts them to bed, but usually I do without him even knowing they went to sleep. No good nights, no hugs, no kisses.

The boys LOVE him so much and when he comes home from work, all they want to do is spend time with their daddy. I just wish he could realize that his kids need him. They need this time with him. Positive time, not yelling. I wish that he would hold Taylor and play with her, I know she would really love it. My heart truly breaks thinking about them growing up and looking back and realizing all the time he wasted playing games and not spending it with his kids.

I ask him all the time That if something happened to them(god forbid) or when they grow up, will he look back and not regret the time he missed with them. He always says he won't. If I was him I sure would. I am torn because I know he loves them and he is a great father, but he could be so much more.

I just hope that they never question his love for them. I fear they will.

OK enough with the sad stuff! Here are some pictures from today at my dad and Judee's. We spent the day in the pool.....again! We all had fun though. Tim had to work but came over in the evening for a Little while. Hope everyone else had a great Father's Day!

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