Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad!

Yesterday was my dad's 49th birthday. I know his birthday is the 18th of June I just did not realize it was already the 18th. These day's with 3 kids sometimes I loose track of my day's. So needless to say I almost forgot my dad's birthday. So we went over there to spend the day with him.

Since it was like a million degrees out, OK so not really, but it was in the 90s and with the heat index over 100 degrees out. The only reasonable thing to do was go swimming. I know the boys did not mind one bit!

Getting ready to get in

Of course we had to let Taylor in too, but she floated around in style!

Timothy LOVES jumping into the pool, with someone to catch him of course, but now Mason is doing it too. Except Mason does not care if anyone is there to catch him. Such a daredevil!

After a couple hours in the pool, we all were getting hungry. We decided to go to longhorn for dinner. We figured the least we could do was buy them dinner since I did technically forget about my dad's birthday and didn't even get him anything. Dinner was so yummy!! Of course though Judee refused to let us pay for dinner. She is so sweet!

We then headed back to their house for some more swimming. I am pretty sure my children are part fish and would live in the pool. Judee and I decided to run to walmart for a few things and left the guys with the kids. It was dark when we returned and the kids had just gotten out of the pool. They swam all day long and were exhausted! My dad and Tim decided they wanted ice cream so they took a ride to Dairy Queen. We finally made it home around 11 pm, way past bedtime and the boys were gone for the night.

We had a wonderful day! Thanks dad and Judee. Happy Birthday Dad! Love ya.

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