Sunday, April 17, 2011

Sunny Sunday!

Good Morning! Happy Sunday!

I just wanted to stop in real quick to say hello and wish you all a beautiful Sunday. We finally have sunshine and warm weather today. Yesterday and the day before were cold and rainy.

Today we have a few errands to run in preparation for for Tim being gone hunting tomorrow. Maybe a stop at the park, whatever the day brings! I hope you are having a wonderful weekend, and your Sunday is just as great!

I will be back tomorrow in full swing, and hopefully have a giveaway for you all sometime next week! Make is a great day!


Erika said...

Hi there, just browsing by from FTLOB! Hope you enjoy your Saturday (you're having better weather for it than we are, looks like) Cheers :)

Cat Dead, Details Later

Mrs. Ali said...

Your kids are just too cute for words!! Hope you have a great Sunday and get everything done you need to!!

ninja-hobbit said...

Have tagged you :-)


Heather M said...

They are just tooooo cooool!!

Anonymous said...

Such cute boys! And I love the sunglasses ... my boy will not keep them on, hopefully he'll get used to them, I know he's still little.

Yay for the warm weather!!!


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