Thursday, April 14, 2011


Sunday we spent the afternoon at the park. The weather was gorgeous and we just wanted to be outside! Tim's parents came along with us. I know they love living back in St. Louis, so they can do things like meet us at the park on a warm afternoon. We went to the park by our house that has the lakes. My favorite thing about this park? It's like 7 minutes from our house! We brought the bat and ball for the boys. Timothy had a blast hitting the ball while daddy pitched. He was doing pretty good too, we need to sign him up for t-ball. Mason didn't want to play at all, so I took him to the playground. This is one of my favorite places to be in the summer, well second to the Zoo. LOVE going to the Zoo. But I love sitting at the park, I could spend the whole afternoon there when the weather is nice and breezy. I love watching the boys interact with the other children, I love being out in the sunshine, I love the exercise of chasing the kids! My dad decided to meet us too. Judee stayed behind, so my dad brought their dog Princess! They kids love Princess, especially Taylor. She just giggles and chases her all around my dad's house. Timothy just wanted to walk her. If we go to this park we always have to take a walk by the lake. Mason gets so excited trying to find the geese! Except he calls the ducks. When he finds them he will stand there pointing "Ducks, ducks! Quack, quack"! And even though I tell him they are geese, he still says duck! I always mean to bring some bread to feed them but somehow I always forget. After the park we went to lunch at Ruby Tuesday's, where Taylor ate us all under the table. I am not kidding. She ate a whole grilled cheese sandwich, some broccoli, mashed potatoes, and like 4 biscuits. Girl can eat, I still don't know how she is only 18lbs! The boys barely had any of their macaroni and cheese. After lunch we had friends over in the evening. I got some baby snuggles in, I will share those pictures in a different post. Happy Thursday friends, have a beautiful day!

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Crystal said...

Everyone looks like they are having so much fun! I love park days as well =)
Have a great weekend!!



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