Tuesday, April 26, 2011

If your not sick of Easter posts yet...

I have one more for ya!

Saturday evening my dad and Judee came by to give the kids their baskets. We would normally see them at my aunt's house on Easter morning, but due to the recent storms and tornado my aunt was without power. And no power means no way to make food. So we had to skip my aunt's this year and we were pretty bummed about it. Tim was especially upset about missing the yummy food!

So since we wouldn't be seeing my dad on Easter he came by the night before so he could see he kids open their baskets.

Since Tim's parents were usually in Texas for Easter, we never did anything with his side of the family. And we usually went to my mom's on a different day because we always went to my aunt's. This year though my mom was just getting back from Mexico so she wanted us to come out on Easter, and Tim's parents wanted to see the kids on Easter since they have never spent an Easter with them. They also wanted us to go down to his grandparent's house because of their condition we wanted them to see the kids on Easter.

The night before, I filled about 60 plastic eggs with candy and hid them around the house for the boys to find in the morning. When hey got up, they practically tripped over them before they seen them. But once they did, they ran all over the house gathering eggs, and sneaking the candy out of them!

After we had our family time at home, we went down to Tim's grandparent's house to spend the afternoon with them and his parents. The kids did another egg hunt around the house, and then opened up baskets from grandma and grandpa, and Aunt Justine!

We ended the day at my mom's for dinner. My uncle Jeff stopped by too! Dinner was yummy!! The boys were even surprised to have baskets at grandma's too!

We had a wonderful Easter, and I hope you all did as well!


Kate Weber said...

What adorable photos! I especially love the one of your sweet little girl french kissing her doll. ;) Hehe. It's just too cute!

Simply Kate

Heather M said...

What a fun Easter!!! Lots of fun a goodies!!! I hope your having a great week!


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