Friday, April 29, 2011


Did you get up early to watch the royal wedding? I debated on weather or not I wanted to get up at 3am or not. I decided to just record it and get up when the boys wake me up and watch it, since they get up early enough.

Mason woke me up at 6:30am, and Timothy was shortly behind him. But neither of them were interested in this fabulous wedding. I really with Taylor would have been old enough to get up and watch it with me, instead she was sound asleep in her bed. I would have loved to show her that they were a real prince and princess. Instead, I watched on my own.

Yesterday we had a gorgeous day with no rain and sunshine. As you can probably tell from the pictures the kids and I played outside in the afternoon. I got out new bubbles and chalk from Easter. I even let Taylor crawl around on the grass and concrete for a few minutes.

Today has turned out to be another beautiful day with lots of sunshine. We just got home from taking Tim to the emergency room. Two days ago he was getting really dizzy and almost blacking out. Then vomited twice. Yesterday he still felt pretty bad. But then this morning he was taking a recertification test for work and was up on a pole when he got dizzy and vomited again. His supervisor told him to go to the doctor. They ran some blood work, gave him and IV of fluids and medicine. Blood work came back fine so they couldn't really come up with anything. They said his blood pressure was a little high so maybe it's his blood pressure, but don't really have an answers. His official diagnosis, headaches. Well duh!

I am really behind on reading and commenting on blogs, I apologize. It seems that every time I sit down to do that something comes up, or I have to tend to one of the kids. Or there is always laundry and chored that need to be done. I will try and catch up as much as I can now since it is nap time and 2 out of the 3 are sleeping. We shall see.

I hope you all have a awesome Friday, and an even better weekend. Any fun plans for the weekend?


Becky said...

I must admit I completely enjoyed the royal wedding! I didn't even plan on watching it, but loved every second. Wish my litle girl was big enough to watch it with me, too!

Kimberly said...

I didn't watch it, my youngest some watched part of it- as his Current Event story for the day.

Tim: did they consider migraines or vertigo or pregnancy?

hope he feels better soon!


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