Saturday, October 2, 2010

Happy Weekend!

Yesterday we had a busy but super fun day!

We first stopped at my moms work to pick up some coupons and money before heading to Grants Farm. Thanks mom!

The boys visiting Grandma at work!

And Taylor visiting Grandma in her leopard print dress and hair bow!
Photos courtesy of Grandma's cell phone!

Then we headed to Grants Farm to meet some friends. It was a gorgeous fall day, sunny, and in the 70s. Perfect. All the kids had a great time. We feed the goats some milk bottles, seen lots of animals, ate some lunch, had some ice cream, and feed the llamas. Thanks again mom for the coupons and money, we had a blast! Of course though I forgot my camera, crazy I know!

We then headed home to pick up daddy. We decided to take the boys to the park just to be outside in this weather. My dad came out to meet us and see the kids. They played on the playground and then we took a nice long walk on the trail.

We still had to swing by the store for some grocery's, but stopped to have some McDonald's first. It was a long day, and the boys were exhausted. They went right to bed thankfully.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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