Thursday, October 21, 2010

Not for a few years....

My baby is growing at lightning speed.

My once sleep all day, wake to eat and poop, then go back to sleep baby has been replaced. My baby now plays for most of the day! Still eats, sleeps, and poops though.

There is a lot more awake hours. There is a lot more crying and diaper changing protests. There are more smiles and laughs. And friends, there is a whole lot more moving.

When I say moving, I mean she can cover some ground. I can no longer lay her on the floor and run to the bathroom. Well, unless I want her to maneuver her way over by daddy's desk and pull the headphones down on herself.

My baby rolls everywhere, up and down the hallway, and across the living room. But just recently she has figured out a new way to move. It's her own style of crawling. She just kind of slinks along like a half army crawl half snake. It's kinda cute. Hey, it works she gets to where she needs to go!

So I guess this means we are close to really crawling, and that means that before long she will be pulling up, then cruising, and finally walking and talking. What am I going to do then?!

I guess this means I need to have another one, since you know my baby will be going to school soon, and then before long she will be moving out, and I will be alone. OK so it's not that bad.

Just kidding mom and dad, I will wait a few years, at least!

I willneed that time to convince Tim.

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