Wednesday, April 28, 2010

IUD+Potty Training= A LONG Day!

Yesterday was a rather long day for us! In the morning I had to go to the doctor to have another IUD, the Mirena, put in. This is what I had in when I found out I was pregnant with Taylor....that's a whole other post for another day! SO I took the boy's to Tim's aunts house, and then Taylor and I went to my appointment.

Nothing exciting since I had been through this process before. She said that she left the strings a little longer this time so I could try and check it too, but that I still may not be able to feel anything. With my obvious concern about it working this time, I asked her if I needed to come back more often to make sure it was still in place. She said that I can come back in a month to check on things, so I made a one month checkup. Here is the thing that scares me though, the doctor does not believe it was miss placed or even that it moved. She believes I was the 1% it didn't work for!!

Now you know why I am so nervous, right?

Needless to say we will be using another form of birth control with it for a long time! So wish me luck and send me all your positive thoughts because I truly hope it works this time!!

We also spent another day potty training. This was day 3 and it was rather rough. I'm hoping this is like the top of the hill and now all we have to do is go down!! Timothy had one accident at aunt Shari's house, he just decided to pee on the floor instead. Once at home he was fine and only had 2 more accidents, one pee and one poop! I think our struggle is going to be pooping. For some reason he is not going in the potty, instead he will go off in another room and go on the floor.

Despite the accidents he is doing great! He will just go over to the potty and pee when he needs to and then we go dump it in the big potty...he gets super excited!! I have definitely learned that they will start to go potty on their own terms and not to push them. I had tried several times before this to get him to go and he wanted nothing to do with it, then out of the blue he started going! I can't even begin to explain how proud I am of my big guy! Now off we to work on pooping!

I know you are jealous! I lead an exciting life, right?!


Ashley said...

you are one brave woman going with the iud again! lol. Any reason why you still wanted to go with it?

nmassie218 said...

Well the doctor said it is still the best form of birth control. The only other way to guarentee I would not get pregnant would be to not have sex or a hysterectomy. She said that even getting your tubes tied is only 99% effective same as the IUD! Plus she said she would not want me to get that done because I am too young and I agree. We don't want anything permanant, just incase!


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