Wednesday, April 21, 2010

6 weeks already...

Tuesday I had my 6 weeks post pardem check-up. Fun...NOT! Everything went pretty good, I am all healed up, thank you body for not tearing. I think this was the easiest birth to recover from since I had no tearing, I barely had any pain! I am still on the blood pressure medicine I was put on during the pregnancy, so that was also checked. It wasn't the greatest, but not bad for me so she is going to try and slowly wean me from the medicine and see what happens!!

Then we had to have the talk about what to do for birth control. Since the boy's were both born when I was on the pill (my fault for not taking them right), and Taylor was born with the Mirena IUD in...I was at a loss for what to do next. Right now getting my tubes ties or Tim getting a vasectomy is not an option. I just don't think I am ready to make such a permanent decision being so young. Call me crazy, but deep down I would like to have one more child. Even though I know Tim is done, and I am happy with my three beautiful kids, I can't help but be sad to think about making that permanent. The doctor agrees with me. She also believes that the Mirena IUD is as effective as getting my tubes ties so in her opinion that is my best option. Even though it didn't work the first time, I will cross my fingers that is works this time! Maybe you all should cross your fingers for me too!! We will probably double up on BC for awhile!

So I have to go back next Tuesday to have the IUD put in and to have my blood pressure checked again. It is so crazy to think that Taylor is already 6 weeks old, she is growing way to fast for me!

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