Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The Best of Friends

Sunday we spent the evening with Chris and Angie and the kids over at Chris's mom's house. They had to go over there so Chris could finish working on a trailer he was making and they invited us over so the kids could play together outside.

They BBQ ed and Angie set up the kiddie pool for the kids. Us ladies just sat around chatting and watching the kids play while the guys worked on the trailer. It was a nice evening.

If you have ever forgotten swim diapers, you know what happens when you use a regular diaper. We were cracking up at Alyssa's diaper!

Timothy was the only one who wanted to play in the water. I put Taylor's swimsuit on but she didn't get in the pool at all, just played on the slide. Mason refused to even put trunks on, but still splashed himself with water!

I am so glad that our kids get along so well together. It's nice to have good friends with kids. Mason loves Alyssa so much, and is always talking about her. The other day, I caught him with the play phone and he was talking to Alyssa!

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