Monday, August 29, 2011

Peanut #4- weeks 21 and 22

This is a quick update on our little peanut and my pregnancy. With this pregnancy I wanted to do a weekly update with pictures from the beginning to document everything. But due to my severe morning sickness, that is just now really going away, I was unable to keep that up. Most days I had a hard time even getting off the couch.

Thankfully I think I can say I am pretty much past that phase. This is my favorite part of pregnancy! I am no longer throwing up multiple times a day, I actually have most of my energy back (can't say all since I do have 3 other kids that drain my energy on a daily basis), and I am feeling really well. This phase I am not too big yet where I am really uncomfortable, but enough to really feel pregnant.

Last week is when I really started to feel her move. I was getting a little nervous because all three of my other kids I felt move before 20 weeks. So when I hadn't really felt anything yet, I started to get a little nervous. Knowing that I am overweight this time around , I knew that could be the reason in not feeling the movement as quickly. But after my appointment last week with the ultrasound, when I knew everything was alright I started to feel her more and more. Now she moves ALL. THE. TIME. I love it!

Nothing too exciting going on. Trying to keep up on my blood pressure medicine so we can keep that in check. I feel like I am growing and growing and growing. And just soaking up all those precious movements. Even on the hard days, when I am either so tired or not feeling well it's all worth it when I feel her move inside me. By far my favorite part of pregnancy!!

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melifaif said...

That was my favorite part too. Just feeling the rolls. Or kicks. Or turns....God is good!!!!!


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