Thursday, September 1, 2011

School Love

Today marked the last day of Timothy's first full week of preschool! He has done awesome, and I am so proud of what a big guy he is becoming.

He seems to be LOVING school, and gets excited every morning. Asking about a million times if he is going to school that day or when we can leave for school. I think he would be happy to go all day long instead of just 3 hours. But I am so glad he is enjoying it so much.

He usually won't tell me what he does at school, but as soon as dad gets home he eagerly spills his guts about school. Telling dad all about playing outside on the playground, dressing up as a fireman, playing play doh, drawing pictures, writing his name, reading stories, and on and on!

The one thing I can count on him always telling me about is snack. That boy sure does love his food and drinks!

Today was his first show and tell which they will have every Thursday. And in true Timothy fashion he of course brought a hot wheel. It was also school color day, so he wore blue. He promptly told me when I picked him up today that Tuesday is red day and he needed to wear red to school.

The other day the teacher taught him how to put his shoes on all by himself, in his defense they are hard shoes to get on. But apparently he said that he can't put his shoes on himself, and the teacher told him "we don't say the word can't". Then he learned the phrase he has been saying ever since. "I think I can, I think I can"!

I don't think Timothy is the only one that loves being in school. I really think Mason likes the separate time too, and more of my attention. The first two days Mason asked about Timothy the whole time he was gone. I also enjoy that time with just Mason and Taylor too. It's good for the boys to get their time apart from each other.

The other day while Timothy was at school, I took Mason out to play all by himself just me and him. He had my full undivided attention and he was soaking it up. He didn't let me sit down at all. We played "golf", and ran around the yard. It was special to have that time!

I was sad to send "my baby" off to school, but I think this time is good for our whole family.

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Amanda said...

I am so glad Timothy is enjoying school much!! I hope that carries over throughout his school career!!


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