Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Kids Really Do Say The Darnest Things

Timothy is 3 so of course he has been imitating for awhile now and we have had to start watching what we say and do. Well we REALLY need to watch what we say and do....

Timothy was in trouble yesterday, for what, I don't remember now. But as he was throwing a fit in the hallway he begins to yell. "Just don't tell me what to do"! "Just hush, don't say that"! Then the kicker "Your being and asshole"! YES my 3 year old called me an asshole, we really need to watch our mouths!

Oh and he is always yelling at the dog to "Shut up, stop barking"! And "Get up on the couch and lay down"! Oh and my favorite "I'm gonna beat your ass"!

Don't get me wrong,he doesn't talk like this all the time, but it's just a constant reminder that Tim and I have to constantly watch what we say and do!!

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