Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Doctor's Appointment and Sping Weather

Today both of the boys had a doctor's appointment....I was so behind on their appointments. Mason had not been to the doctor since before he was 1, I know bad mommy, not to mention how behind on vaccinations they were! So here I was at the doctor's office with all three in tow, I was a little nervous at how they would behave to say the least. But, they did great. Taylor was the best, she slept the whole time :)

The boys are looking good. They even did a mini eye exam on Timothy and with both eyes he is seeing 20/40, we tried to cover just one eye but he wouldn't let us! They both checked out with a clean bill of health!

Timothy statistics:
Weight- 34lbs 70th percentile
Height- 37 1/4 inches 37th percentile

Mason's statistics:
Weight-24.6lbs 20th percentile
Height- 32 inches 20th percentile
Head circ.- 18 1/2 inches 20th percentile

Timothy had to get 2 shots, the Hep A and Chickenpox vaccines. He was such a big boy and did not cry once!

Mason had to get 4 shots because he is so behind, I know bad mommy, poor baby boy!

I promised Timothy that if he was good at the doctor that we would go to the park, and since he was a very good boy I had to pay up. Luckily it was a gorgeous day out. You can tell it's spring time, but it was so hot that you would have thought it was was about 80 degrees! We didn't stay long at the park, but we went nonetheless! The boys had fun, Taylor nursed and slept.

Then after lunch we went back out in the yard for some more playtime, really because I wanted to take some pictures! I'm loving this weather! Tomorrow we are heading to Purina Farms for the Easter be on the lookout for Easter Bunny pictures!

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