Sunday, February 28, 2010

Timothy's new four-wheeler

For Timothy's third birthday Tim really wanted to get him his own little four-wheeler. He really LOVES all kinds of bikes and motorcycles. So we went ahead and ordered him one hoping he would like it and it would be something he could ride for a while. Well it arrived in about a week, Tim got it all set up and running, and wouldn't you know it Timothy wanted nothing to do with it. He freaked out as soon as Tim started it and was so scared that he even peed his pants :( My poor guy! So we just waited until the next day and guess what he decided he was going to ride it. Once on the bike we couldn't keep him off, he was having so much fun!! What is even more funny is Mason is Mason wouldn't stay off of it either. Tim had to take both the boys around the yard on it about 100 times. OH well I'm just glad he gets on it now.

1 comment:

Ashley said...

cute! I'm so jealous you have no snow on the ground!!


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