Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We had a great Valentine's day! My dad and Judee came over in the morning to visit with the boys! Timothy's just LOVES his pa pa, they spent their time shooting the dart gun...boys!! Then Tim and I took the boy's to my mom's house so we could go out to dinner, and sometimes having dinner where the only meat your cutting up is your own is quite nice :)

I had been wanting the new Super Mario game for the Wii for a while so before dinner we decided to stop by Best Buy to pick one up. Well while there we ended up looking at laptops too since I was in need of one. Tim on accident spilt something on his laptop and fried I had to start using mine, but mine shuts off after 10 minutes because it overheats. So we found one we liked and could afford. Of course they didn't have it in stock so we drove all the way to different store who had them in stock. We finally were able to get it and I LOVE it. It's a net book (the little mini laptops) and works great for what I need it for. So I was very thrilled to have my game and new laptop!

I forgot to mention that it had started to really snow in the afternoon and by the time we were out running around to the store it was starting to get pretty nasty out. Since we spent a little more time running around the stores we were getting a little nervous about picking the kids up and getting home safely...since out by us they don't like to plow. So we just hurried up and picked The Pasta House since that is what was close. We had a nice QUIET, KID FREE dinner, and our waiter even threw in a free cheesecake...yummy!!

We got back to my mom's around 8 PM and we had dropped them off around 4:30 PM so we had a nice evening to ourselves. AND we made it home safely. I hope everyone of our friends and family had a nice Valentine's Day!

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