Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Seriously, how can it be May already?! Before I had children, time didn't seem to fly by as fast as it does now that I have children. They really do grow right before your eyes.
On Sunday, the first day of May, we met my dad over at the park by our house. He was already there fishing, and we were looking for something to do. To get out of the house. It was a little chilly, but a chance to get out before it rained that evening.

Yesterday we spent the day at home, with no plans. But by the evening Tim had the itch to go to the shooting range, and I kinda wanted to get out of the house. We called our friends Chris and Angie, and the guys went shooting. Angie and I stayed at their house with all the kids, and then we all had dinner when they got home.

Today was pretty much the same as yesterday. We stayed in our pajamas well into the afternoon, Taylor and I snuggled on the couch, Tim had Nerf gun fights with the boys, lunch, and naps. Low key weekend. Tim goes back to work tomorrow, and back to the grind for the kids and I. I am sneaking in some time to blog, Taylor and Timothy just woke from their naps, Mason is still out.

In other unrelated news. Tim's parents went back to Texas the day after Easter to close on their house and pack up the rest of their things. They are supposed to be signing the papers today and then it's back to St. Louis for good. I know that this is a huge relief to them, and I know that are beyond thrilled to be back. I am a little sad to loose our vacation, getaway spot, but glad they are back.

One last thing to share before I sign off. Taylor is WALKING! I cannot believe it! She is still working on getting to standing without using something to pull herself up. But once she is up she is gone. She has been toddling all. over. the. place! And she is so proud of herself. When she gets to where she is going, she laughs and flashes the hugest smile. My baby is no longer a baby. *tear* They really do grow too fast.

Happy Tuesday friends! I hope your day has been great, and your night is fabulous.


melifaif said...

Walking, eh? I know you know this...but on your mark. get set......and RUN!!!!!!!!!!! And never stop. ha....

KY said...

Ooo I look forward to snuggly/PJ days with my hunny and my kids playing in the background. Keep living and enjoying my dream =)


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