Friday, May 6, 2011

Hard Head

Last night we had a scare. The ones that can make a mommy panic. Knock on wood for having two very wild and crazy boys, we have had NO serious incidents.

No broken bones, nothing that needed stitches, hardly any blood. The most serious thing the boys have had to deal with was a seizure each. But looking back at those moments I think I remained rather calm, I may have been a mess on the inside, but I tried to remain calm.

Last night though, I fell apart. This morning though I have no idea why I freaked out as bad as I did.

After Tim got off of work, we went to help his parents finish unpacking all of their stuff into storage. The temperature had dropped and it started to rain. The kids and I escaped the cold rain and sat in dad's work truck. That way we were dry and warm, but they could still watch daddy and grandma and grandpa working.

Timothy was pretending to drive the truck, Taylor was on my lap playing with an empty soda can, and Mason? He was freaking out and screaming. We figured out that he just wanted the truck door open, I guess he didn't like feeling all closed in. I don't know.

All I know is they were almost done. Timothy slammed the door shut, I yelled at him because Mason once again started freaking out. Mason lunged at the door, Timothy decides then that he is going to go ahead and open back up and the last thing I remember is seeing Mason's feet in the air. Which meant his head was flying towards the ground. Which was gravel rocks.

I screamed for Tim because remember I still had Taylor on my lap. He ran over picked Mason up and all I see is blood coming from his head. I totally freak out! I don't know whether I am mad Timothy for not listening and messing with the door which caused Mason to fall out. If I am mad at Tim because he was the one who thought we should sit in the van. I just start crying and yelling at Timothy.

Which only made things worse because then Timothy started crying saying he was sorry and didn't mean to, and that mommy is mad at him. (insert huge mommy guilt). It was just a big mess. Literally and figuratively.

We got Mason cleaned up and the bleeding stopped almost immediately. There was only a few minor cuts, nothing major, and nothing that needed stitches or a hospital trip. Which is what I think I freaked out about the most. In the end he was OK, a little scared, probably a nice headache but he was OK! Thank god!

I survived, I just hope next time (I know there will be plenty more next times) I can stay calm and not loose my shit.


melifaif said...

OUCHIE!!!! Well. Happy Mother's Day! ;-)

Heather M said...

OOOh my, I def would have reacted just like you!!! So glad everyone was ok!! Happy Mothers day my friend! I hope its wonderful!

Sarah said...

Ow! That looks/sounds like it hurts! Poor thing - it always sucks at that age.


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