Sunday, May 23, 2010


Another busy day was ahead. We had planned to get together with my dad and Judee in the morning just to visit. The boys LOVE Pa Pa and Judee and they just adore the kids! I am so glad they are such a huge part of our lives. We decided to meet them at the park since it was another beautiful day out, but it was starting to get rather hot out! And wouldn't you know it, I forgot the sunscreen.

The boys played on the playground.

Mason did some swinging,

while Timothy played some baseball with daddy.

Taylor gave us some smiles!

Then there was some more swinging with Pa Pa pushing of course!

Then we decided to walk down by the river, which sounded like a great idea, but ended up being a not so great idea! I had a small panic attack/meltdown when the boys started getting dirty. I know they are BOYS, and boys are suppose to be dirty, and we were at the river! In my defense we had a graduation party to go to and I didn't want them to arrive dirty! I was not made to handle boys and their dirtiness! The boys skipped rocks, Mason almost rolled into the river...which gave me another slight heart attack, and I got some nice pictures. I guess it wasn't so bad after all. I will work on letting them get dirty more often!

As I mentioned, we then had to attend Tim's cousin, Jennifer's, graduation party. I can't believe she is already graduating, Tim and I got together when I was a freshman in highschool. It made me feel really old! We had a great time! Food, fun, and family! CONGRATS Jennifer on your graduation, we are so proud of you!

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