Sunday, May 9, 2010

Future Nascar Racer?

On Saturday I really wanted to take the kids to the Zoo or Grants Farm since we haven't been in so long, but of course Tim didn't want to go. Something about not wanting to walk that much or it being to late in the day...I stopped listening after he said we couldn't go! I did however get him to leave the house even if we went somewhere he wanted to go and I didn't. He wanted to take the kids to Swing A Round Fun Town to ride go karts and play games. I agreed only because I knew Timothy would LOVE to ride with daddy on the go karts!

Poor Mason was too little to join in the fun, so he watched from the sidelines. Yes with this sad face the entire time!

Taylor slept through the fun of course!

Then we went inside to play some games. This is the best form of entertainment at their age, because you don't have to spend any money! They don't realize they are not actually playing the games, I think Tim played more games than they did!

Then we went back outside because daddy wanted to do the batting cages(he has played ball all his life). Needless to say he was a little out of practice! The boys of course could no do this so we watched(I don't think he hit any). Mason insisted on riding on top of Taylor's stroller, and that's where he stayed until we left. I think he was getting hungry and tired!

By this point the kids were having meltdowns, the baby was screaming because she was hungry, so daddy took Timothy on the go karts one more time before we left to get dinner!

Even though this was not what I wanted to do, the kids had a blast and that it all that matters! Timothy did not want to stop racing, I think I may have a future Nascar racer on my hands!!

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